IIFL Foundation’s flagship program – Sakhiyon Ki Baadi, engages close to 36,000 girls from 11 districts of Rajasthan. The program has maintained its focus on promoting literacy and education among girls, hailing especially from the tribal communities that are seen to drop out from formal educational structure.

However, we cannot ignore the visible signs of malnutrition or illness among some of the children. Our on-field workers go the extra mile to bring medical attention, when a child is identified or noticed to have illness of any kind. Also, awareness is built among children to maintain good sanitation and hygiene practices. They are introduced to Primary Health Center (PHC) and Anganwadi workers so that they are aware of the healthcare machinery in their vicinity.

In January 2020, we launched Aarogya, a unique health check-up initiative to conduct primary health assessment of 36,000 girls in Rajasthan.

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Above information is as on March 31, 2021


The primary objective of this project is to improve the health of children aged between 6-14 years, especially girls. The secondary aim is to provide special care to children who require medical attention.

We selected a team of eminent medical professionals, to travel to the remotest villages every day and conduct these check-ups. The role was challenging as the locations were remote, inaccessible at times and scattered across blocks and districts.

The team was equipped with health screening kits, health cards and a health register to record data of every child, eventually building an archive and providing consequent check-ups.

In the primary medical screening, details such as height, weight, eye-sight, MUAC, pulse, oral and auricular hygiene were checked for early detection of deficiencies, developmental delay, presence of a disease or a disorder. Cases which required immediate attention were referred to a doctor or a hospital.

The program is designed to cover 11 districts in a period of four months. After covering this, the next phase, i.e. the next cycle gets in motion.

Madhu Jain

"We are partnering the Rajasthan government in its initiative, Nirogi Rajasthan. Our aim is to bring the best in health and education for our girls." – Ms. Madhu Jain – Director (IIFL Foundation)