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To eradicate girl child illiteracy and inspire them for higher education.


To enhance the quality of life of marginalized, less privileged and out-of-school girls in our society, by providing quality education and main streaming them.


Fairness: While dealing with all stakeholders, namely, government, shareholders, customers, employees, business partners and society.
Integrity: Honesty. We never compromise on it.
Transparency: We are transparent about whatever we do.


To provide literacy and numeracy to around 1,00,000 illiterate girls in Rajasthan by 2025.

"I strongly believe education should be available to every Indian child and it's unfortunate that so many young Indians particularly girls miss on basic education. We should do whatever possible to ensure girls are educated. It is not only education for one individual but for two generations and the country's prosperity and dignity depends on it."

Madhu Jain

Mrs. Madhu Jain

Director, IIFL Foundation


• To improve the overall status of girl children in Rajasthan by providing access to quality education.
• To cover all the districts of Rajasthan by 2026.
• To mainstream around 30,000 SKB girls in government schools.
• To work closely with government schools and support projects focused on imparting education.