Bhaktivedanta hospital is one of the desired health facilities for many in the vicinity of Thane, Mumbai, and Palghar. Due to its limited capacity of accommodating more patients, the existing 200 beds facility was unbale to cater to all patients and the hospital had to send back without treatment about 7-8 patients due to lack of beds.

Therefore, the hospital explored that the addition of 100 more beds would be a boon to many patients in the Borivali and Palghar belt of Mumbai suburbs. Also, the hospital is located near the highway and frequently gets emergency casualty cases. However, attending all patients was a challenge due to limited facilities.

Therefore, the IIFL Foundation supported the construction of In-patient ward in the hospital to accommodate more patients. 


Since the time of project inauguration, there has been an increase of up to 40 percent in terms of accommodating new patients. Apart from that, with support from the IIFL foundation, the hospital has been providing concession to the needy patients on regular basis.

Patients availed treatment


Project location

Mira Road



Project start year


Project end year




  • “The doctors and the staff were very polite in their behavior. The management also gave concessional treatment. I am very happy with overall arrangement.”- Satish Umbare, beneficiary.
  • “I was treated with great care and compassion by the hospital staff. The doctors and the nurses gave me a homely feeling in the hospital. The treatment was also provided at concessional rates”.- Pratibha Pawar, beneficiary.


  • "Everyone who is walking into the hospital is our guest. The purpose of our institute is to provide holistic health care – treatment of the body mind and soul. When we have to send the patients back due to non-availability of the beds it not only gives pain to the patients but also to us. We thank IIFL Foundation for this support".- Dr. Venkat, Director, Bhaktivedanta hospital.


Disclaimer: Data period April 2023 to March 2024