IIFL Foundation organizes multiple blood donation camps throughout the year at various locations, where our employees participate voluntarily.

We are inspired by the whole-hearted participation of IIFL staff members and visitors at these camps.

It's a long way, but IIFL Foundation will keep pursuing its efforts towards the noble cause of blood donation with the help of its employees.

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The process was initiated by searching for an entrusted blood bank nearby. It was followed up by calling doctors of Tata Memorial hospital and partnering with their Department of Transfusion Medicine. Information regarding the blood donation drive was circulated among the IIFL employees beforehand.

Volunteers enrolled themselves for registration which was followed by pre-donation screening. After the pre-donation screening, the employees were escorted to the donor beds where they donated one unit of blood each. Post donation, the volunteers and employees were provided with refreshments. Their effort to save lives was honored and recognized by presenting them with an IIFL Certificate - I saved a life today!