In India, during past two decades, major emphasis has been paid upon development of programs and schemes, such as, Operation Blackboard, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), District Primary Education Program, Mid-day Meal scheme and so forth to elevate literacy levels.

The Right to Education Act, 2009 recommends that every school should have proper facilities and amenities. These include, restrooms, clean drinking water, playgrounds, proper environmental conditions, nutritious and healthy mid-day meals, proper boundary walls, and so on.

There is a high correlation between the infrastructure in a school and enrolment and attendance of students. When schools are well equipped, students take pleasure in attending regularly and completing their term.

IIFL Foundation has proactively participated in the development of infrastructure at government schools located in far flung areas of Rajasthan, supporting efforts of the government.

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Above information is as on March 31, 2021


While working with the community in certain parts of Rajsamand and Khamnore in Rajasthan, we developed a good rapport with the local government school staff. Over the course of time, as the relationship grew fonder, we gradually learnt about the staff’s struggle to provide adequate facilities to the students. At some schools, the total count of students far surpassed the overall capacity that the school could provide for.

IIFL Foundation stepped ahead to construct and put together necessary infrastructure, such as, classrooms, washrooms, computers and desks, to enrich the learning experience and boost the engagement of the students with the school.

Government schools in different villages at Banokda, Kadechawas and Khamnore in Udaipur District, that were found to be in dire need, were selected for the development. These schools are located in tribal dominated areas and promote literacy among children from marginalized communities.

IIFL Foundation also teamed up with Board of Secondary Education - Rajasthan (RBSE) for development of a fully equipped science laboratory at Senior Secondary Girls School (Residency, Udaipur). The school has total enrolment of 1,000+ girls studying in IX, X, XI & XII classes and is known for its science faculty.