Himanshu Meena

Himanshu belongs to a tribal community 'Meena', native to southern Rajasthan, and has been into agriculture for generations. Every morning, Himanshu travels 30 km to reach Reena's SKB center.

Himanshu currently supervises 15 SKBs in the Parsad and Girwa cluster of Sarada Block. He heads 15 Dakshas (Teachers) and over 485 girls, enrolled at our SKB program. He visits two SKB centers on a routine workday, where he lends support to the Dakshas (teachers), interacts with the children, conducts activities and undertakes home visits. He addresses community members through scheduled 'community meetings', where the Daksha, Parents, Sarpanch and community members discuss the progress of the girls at SKB. Himanshu ensures that the SKB centers operate trouble-free and through conjoint efforts from the community members.

Himanshu Meena - Teaching in the class