IIFL Foundation has partnered with Tribal Area Development Department (TADD), under Tribal Ministry of Rajasthan, to redevelop Maa Baadi centers, in Udaipur and Pali districts of Rajasthan.

These centers are the primary source of formal education in remotest locations which do not have any government schools. Maa Baadi learning centers aim to promote education among the children belonging to indigenous tribal communities.

This project aims to eradicate illiteracy among children and also provide them with sanitation and proper nutrition. We are taking 30 such schools from 30 Maa Baadis (each Maa Baadi has one school) and each school takes in maximum 30 children.

We are adopting a holistic approach to enhance the efficiency of these centers. Installation of digital learning tools (LED TV with AV learning material), setting up of library and regular training of teachers by subject matter experts are some of the initiatives undertaken by us at these centers.

IIFL Foundation is also engaged in enhancing the infrastructural development by installing solar panel facilitating clean electricity, solar-powered water pump to provide water for drinking and sanitation, batteries for storage of electricity, installation of a ceiling fan & water tank, repair of toilets and construction of play-area for children.

The Maa Baadi centers are being painted to promote freshness and vibrancy, that shall encourage the children to be regular in attendance.

Our impact


Maa Baadi centers under redevelopment


Potential beneficiary students

4 to 12 years

Age group of children beneficiaries



  1. Carving out a well-defined roadmap, after understanding current status of target groups.
  2. Conducting baseline survey in Pali and Udaipur to understand the needs of the target groups.
  3. Assessing the physical architecture of schools.
  4. Infrastructure development of schools.
  5. Organizing rapport building activities with children, teachers and parents.
  6. Orientation and sensitization of parents.
  7. Rollout of curriculum for children and explaining concepts to them.
  8. Periodic assessment of children.
  9. Orientation of teachers.
  10. Rollout module/manual for teacher training.
  11. Training the teachers for their holistic development.
  12. Monitoring and evaluation.



Disclaimer: Above information is as on March 31, 2021