With support from the IIFL Foundation, the Manav shelter home project stands as a significant initiative, dedicated to supporting children from single-parent families and those living on the streets. Presently, the shelter home nurtures 28 children, offering a holistic care program that encompasses health, nutrition, and education.

The project aims at prioritizing health and well-being of children staying at this shelter home. Along with regular health checkups, the project also focuses on the nutritional aspect and a specific program has designed to meet the dietary requirements, promoting healthy growth and development of these children.

Key features of the project are-

  • Holistic care approach: The comprehensive care program addresses health, education, and emotional well-being, ensuring a holistic development approach.
  • Tailored educational programs: Educational facilities are tailored to individual needs, recognizing diverse learning styles and fostering a love for learning.
  • Collaborative support System: A collaborative support system involving staff, volunteers, and the community has been instrumental in the project's success.
  • Transparent and accountable practices: The project maintains transparency and accountability in its operations, ensuring that donor contributions directly translate into tangible improvements for the children.


Improved Health and Well-being:

  • Regular health check-ups have resulted in improved overall health for all the children under the project. 
  • Immediate medical attention and a nutritionally balanced diet have contributed to enhanced physical well-being.

Educational Empowerment:

  • The educational program has empowered children with knowledge and skills, reflecting in improved academic performance.
  • Several children have successfully transitioned to higher grades, breaking barriers to education they once faced.

Emotional Resilience:

  • Project emphasis on emotional well-being includes counseling and support services, helping children overcome past traumas.
  • Witnessing increased emotional resilience, children are more adept at facing challenges and building positive relationships.



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  • "As a mother whose child found a home at Manav Shelter Home, my heart overflows with gratitude. Witnessing the care, love, and opportunities provided here, I see my child blooming into a confident and hopeful individual. Manav Shelter Home isn't just a haven; it's a family that nurtures dream”. - Rajshree Bhat, beneficiary.
  • "At Manav Shelter Home, I've found more than just a place to stay; I've discovered a world of care, laughter, and endless possibilities. Each day is a step closer to my dreams, thanks to the amazing people here. Manav Shelter Home isn't just a home; it's a family that believes in me.”- Ansh Jaiswal, beneficiary.
  • "As the founder of Manav Shelter Home, every child's transformed life is a testament to the power of compassion and collective effort. Seeing dreams flourish, barriers crumble, and hope reborn is the heart of our mission".- Vikas Kamble, Founder, Manav Shelter Home.
  • “As a project coordinator of Manav Shelter Home, every day is a journey of making a positive impact. Witnessing the growth, smiles, and dreams taking shape among the children we serve is not just a job but a calling. Proud to be part of a team creating meaningful change”.- Sangita Satyam, Team member, Manav Shelter Home.
  • “As the cook at Manav Shelter Home, my pots and pans become vessels of nourishment, shaping not just meals but dreams. Cooking with love, I see these children flourish, fueled by the goodness on their plates. Honored to play a part in their journey of growth and well-being.”- Varsha, Cook, Manav Shelter Home.


Disclaimer: Data period April 2023 to March 2024