India is the land of culture and lore marked with festivals and celebrations around the year. Mass gatherings are organized in jubilation especially during the pilgrimage. IIFL Foundation leverages such opportunities by extending medical care and treatments to the masses, the majority of which consists of indigenous farmers.

Two annual mega medical camps are supported by IIFL Foundation at Pandharpur (Maharashtra) and Barsana (Uttar Pradesh) reaching out to over 1,00,000 beneficiaries.

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Above information is as on March 31, 2021


Every year, over 12 lakh Warkaries (pilgrims) from Maharashtra and its neighboring states gather in Pandharpur during Ashad (July) for pilgrimage. These pilgrims are mainly farmers who travel barefoot for hundreds of kilometers enduring physical discomfort for days and even months. Injuries and ailments are a part of their journey to reach the destination.

IIFL Foundation supports the pilgrims by offering free of cost medical treatment and care along with necessities like food and drinking water.

During winter, pilgrims from Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh visit the ancient town of Barsana which is located near the holy city of Mathura. IIFL Foundation organizes a medical camp which offers eye and dental checkup and cataract treatments. Patients are screened for various eye ailments like cataract and those who are identified are operated free-of-cost. The patients are then allotted slots for follow-up checkups and are instructed with post-treatment care. Each patient is provided with amenities like medicines, eye drops, pairs of glasses and blankets.

During treatment and recovery, each patient is offered secure bedding and nourishing meals. Free dental services are also provided at the camp including screening, extraction, scaling, cleaning and filling of teeth. The senior members, who require dentures, are provided with high-quality sets.

To deliver general orientation on oral hygiene the team visits local communities and also makes people aware of oral cancer. The team also visits schools to create awareness about oral care and distributes free dental care kits.