In May 2019, Puri and Khorda districts of Odisha were hit by a category 4 storm, cyclone Fani. The cyclone created havoc and was one of the worst cyclones India has witnessed in the last two decades. According to the first preliminary damage assessment report of Odisha, the cyclone affected over 1.51 Crore people in 16,659 villages, destroying 5 Lakh houses and 6,700 hospital buildings, and perishing 34 Lakh livestock.

IIFL Foundation extended its support by providing relief kits to the families affected by this natural disaster.

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Beneficiary Families
Above information is as on March 31, 2021


To bridge the gaps between civil society, when needed, IIFL Foundation believes in lending a hand and working with the government to fight against all odds.

By geographically identifying the areas which needed resources and yet to receive aid, the IIFL Foundation's team extended its support. To gain a better understanding of the needs and requirements, the team interacted with the victims of the calamity. When such natural disasters strike, the victims are generally deprived of necessities like food, clothing and shelter.

IIFL Foundation prepared a relief package consisting of food materials and certain essentials (bedsheet, mosquito repellent, slippers, water cans) and distributed them across 6 identified locations -Chandanpur, Balakati, Cuttack, Kakatpur, Khurda and Salepur.