The IIFL Foundation, collaborated with Rajkumari Ratnavati Girls School with an aim to promote digital literacy among girl students and to improve learning outcomes in language and mathematics. The IIFL Foundation donated 50 tablets to the school, having content in line with the school curriculum. The project allows the students to have their individual tablets and learn the use, and function of the tablets, including the ability to play, pause, rewind and stop the content on their tablets. This project has helped in integrating education with technology and making classes more engaging and fun for the students.


The project follows a timetable so that all students can access the digital library. The students from grade 1 to 5, have their digital classes, once a week, wherein each student is given a tab, and they are given a chance to operate the tablets themselves. The content on the tab is as per the age and grade curriculum of the school. Since the project inception, the students are immensely engaged in the activities, and have shared their desire for more time at the library.



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Project start year


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  • “I love playing ABC Game".- Priyanka, student. 
  • “I like story on Youtube".- Ruksana, student.


  • “I like to play Maths Game".- Hasina, student.


  • “The idea of starting a Digital Library was innovative and it has been immensely helpful for teaching our students. They get very excited for the classes and this venture would help them learn and grow even more". -Gyanendra Mishra, Project Lead- Academics, CITTA India.


  • “We are grateful to IIFL for their support in this endeavor to promote digital literacy among our girls". - Prachi Deva, Senior Fellow, CITTA India”.
  • “The Digital Library is the first step to address the digital divide in the economically weak communities in Jaisalmer".- Yogesh, Chaure, Teaching Fellow, CITTA India.


Disclaimer: Data period April 2023 to March 2024